Pearl of hope

Davidson Enterprises is proud to support Pearl of hope.  Pearl of hope supports 2 not for profit organisations in Sri Lanka – Footprints & CAVALS. These organisations were initially set up in 1950 in Sri Lanka when volunteers discovered the number of children on the streets who were being exploited; mothers were using their children for financial gain. The children themselves were also involved in petty crimes such as pickpocketing, and some were more dangerously involved with drug dealers. Volunteers working with Footprints went into the streets, spoke to the women and persuaded them to send their children to their literacy centre so that they could teach them to read and write.

In recent years the organisations have grown to include a library, literacy and counselling centre, a Montessori, school and 2 residential homes for girls and boys separately.

Pearl of hope ensures every donation made goes directly to the support and those in need.

To learn more about Pearl of hope, please click here. or if you want like to help or support in any way please email Pearl of hope on the following